Anonymous said: Pierre Family (dad,mom,brothers) have pictures with lennon?

They certainly have, but I don’t have those images yet.. 

Anonymous said: David have Girlfriend?

I think he does, I’m not really sure.

Lovely *—-*

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Simply adorbs!

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Anonymous said: i love you so much i just

Aww wow, thats very sweet *-* love you too anon!

About Lachelle and Pierre


Some people are like:

"omfg lachelle is pregnant! i cant believe it! this isn’t happening!"
"no way! my life is ruined, lachelle is pregnant"

and other disgusting things.. so for those who are saying these craps, listen up:

FUCK YOU! You are NOT a Simple Plan fan! How can you say that of someone who makes the most wonderful and talented vocalist in the world happy! How many of you imagine yourself having kids and beeing able to give them a confortable life and maybe tell them: hey look, thats daddy on the radio!

Come on! Pierre is happy and thats whats supposed to matter.. and not only that, but Lachelle’s happiness too and so as the baby’s. We are all growing up and having to move on and creat a family or think about our future.. thats what any human being is supposed to do! And Pierre has the right to live a normal life, have a family and all!

He will always be that same guy since the beggining..

And all of this is not only for Pierre, but for the other guys too! I mean, Jeff has a kid (or two, idk.. not sure) and no one made a fuss about it.. right?! Just because its Pierre?? He is not the only guy in the band, you know.. ¬_¬ Thats why who ever is saying all that crap about Lachelle and Pierre having a baby is NOT a SP fan!

We dont have to say: i support Lachelle and Pierre having a baby
we have to say: i feel happy for them and i hope my kids will hear a lot about little farrar-bouvier!

We dont have to say ‘i support’ something when its something natural and beautiful to behold! We have to feel even more happy for the fact that Lachelle is giving Pierre the most beautiful gift in the world!

Thanks for whoever read all of this (:

Some people still need to read this..

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Lachelle and Lennon.

Lennon just being cute *____*

Grandma Farrar, Lennon and Lachelle.

It’s so adorbs *____*

Little Lennon..

Little Lennon..